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  about us  
Madhu Jayanti International Ltd.
Welcome to Jayanti Group. Our group comprises of three companies in India.
  • Madhu Jayanti International
  • General Commodities Ltd.
  • Indian Products Ltd.

Our enterprises in the USA are under the names of Harris Freeman & Company, Harris Tea Company and Acme Bag Company. Our undertaking in Europe is under the name of Multi-trade Overseas. Group has been in business since 1942 and within the same family since. Jayanti Group is in the business of soft commodities from most of the tropical countries with emphasis in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Brazil. Primary product lines are: Tea, Coffee, Spices and natural Flexible Packaging material.

Quality Control

We have a comprehensive in-house quality system called QAS = Quality Assurance System. QAS covers various aspects of ISO (International Standards Organization guidelines) GMP (U.S. FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines), HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points - a safety monitoring system of the U.S. food Industry). Some of our plats are ISO 9000 and HACCP-SQF 2000 certified.

Standard Selection
It gives you the rich, strong taste of pure Assam Tea in a Tea Bag designed to facilitate faster brewing and to give you its entire extract. Also available in Individually Wrapped Envelopes which help to retain its freshness, flavour and aroma.
Masala Chai
High grown Assam tea with asli masala. No added flavour. Blended to give you a rejuvenating cup, with milk and sugar
image Everyone's all time favourite!
Chai Ginger
Enjoy the soothing taste of natural ginger. Useful antidote for blocked nose, helps to soothe a sore throat.
Chai Cardamom
  Delightful taste experience. Also acts as a powerful stimulant & good digestive.
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