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The delicate flavour and pleasing aroma of pure Darjeeling tea comes straight to your cup in a Tea Bag. Jay Darjeeling offers you a soothing and relaxing cup of tea.
Research suggests that green tea helps to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and has anti blood - clotting properties. Low in caffeine, it helps to kill bacteria that causes stomach upset and controls tooth decay, thanks to its natural fluoride content. It is also said that heavy Green Tea drinkers are less inclined to get cancer.
Earl Grey
When the British Prime Minister the 2nd Earl Grey, visited China in 1830, he was treated to a delightful cup of tea, which had been flavoured with oil from the ripened peel of Bergamot. This form of tea -drinking later turned popular in England and was served in fashionable social events.
This is a tingling combination of the freshness of lemon with the steaming comfort of a hot mug or a delightfully refreshing iced drink. Its lively, tangy taste gives you a feeling of youthful freshness, be it either hot or iced.
Jasmine Green
  Enjoy the steaming delightful fragrance of natural jasmine flowers in Green tea.
Kashmiri Kahwa
image Blend of pure spices with Green tea. Serve hot with chopped almonds in the true ethnic style.
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