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Hands Clean Station
The 3-in-1 Soaping, Washing and Drying system to clean your hands speedily, effectively, hygienically and with a touch of class. People who should use it would do so now. The only modular system which can be wall mounted or mobile i.e. free Standing. Crafted form 16G Stainless Steel, it is a product of enduring values. The Hands Clean Station Consists of three components.
  • The Basic Hands Clean Unit alone or use in conjunction with
  • The wash basin / wall panel and
  • The Stand Alone support Bracket
  • For low pressure and / or no water areas, network the system with the Tank Pump unit, in 2 capacities - 60 litres and 110 litres.
Auto Taps
Different Types Of Auto Taps are:
  • Space -Wash model AT1B (wall mounting model for kitchen - AT1W) or hot ’n’ cold model AT2B. Facility of both shower / aerated, single stream flow.
  • Auto-sleek ATSL for basin mounting only.
  • Convert almost any existing Tap into Auto-Tap with the Auto-Convert (ATACI) kit.
All models of Auto-Taps are available with optional auto-battery back-up system.
Auto Flush Systems
Our systems ensure automatic flush after every use, conserve water and add a touch of class to your establishment. Auto battery back-up is available.

Auto flush systems are of different types, which are as follows :
  • AUF-F Flush mounting (AUF-S surface mounting)
  • Smaller Plate size AUMS1 (plus up to 2 additional sensing units, but all 3 will operate simultaneously even when any one is triggered.
  • Auto Water Closet (AWC)
  • A mains operated unit but also cordless (AUF-R) also available.
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