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Aquaguard - Cooler cum Purifier
Aquaguard cooler cum purifier has the technology to ensure that your drinking water is not just cool but also 100% safe. It comes with the ISO 9001 certification and a purification capacity of 40 litres per hour.

Features :
  • Naturally wholesome water – It retains all the natural minerals and salts present in water and further, does not add any chemicals.
  • Advanced 3-stage purification process -
    • The micro porous, heavy duty sediment filter candle made from polypropylene and silver impregnated activated carbon removes physical impurities present in water like dust, dirt etc.
    • The specially treated activated carbon removes free chlorine and all organic impurities, thus reducing unpleasant odours, tastes and colours.
    • Finally, the ultraviolet treatment effectively inactivates all known disease-causing bacteria and viruses
  • Last point purification - Aquaguard ensures that the water you drink is 100% safe, since water is first cooled and then purified leaving no chance of recontamination.
  • International technology - The ultraviolet technology used by Aquaguard is internationally proven as a method of eliminating all known waterborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Aquaguard's 2 money-saving features
    1. Aquaguard is a 2-in-1 system that includes both a cooler and a purifier. So you don't have to attach a purification system essential in the case of conventional coolers and bear additional expenses, nor the inconvenience of maintaining them separately.
    2. Aquaguard is designed to save power since its compressor comes on only when cold water is drawn, unlike water coolers that switch on even when there's no water consumption.
  • Instant Cooling - Conventional coolers have storage tanks that require a minimum start-up time of half an hour for sufficient cooling. However, Aquaguard needs a start-up time of only 5 minutes.
  • Choice of room temperature water - Aquaguard gives you the option of chilled as well as room temperature water, all at the press of a switch. This unique feature is not available in any other machine.
  • Built-in safety feature - It's called the Electronic Monitoring System. This in-built feature stops the flow of water if the purification is incomplete, ensuring nothing but safe drinking water, no matter what the source of drinking water is.
  • In-built voltage stabiliser - Aquaguard can take care of voltage fluctuations between 180 - 260 volts, 50 Hz, A.C. Besides, it comes with a wide working voltage range to ensure that both the cooling and the purification system work at optimum conditions.
  • Sleek design and tough body - Aquaguard's compact tabletop model is designed to occupy minimum space. And can easily fit into offices, shops, showrooms, hospitals, schools, etc.
Dimensions H x D x W 700 x 430 x 460 mm
Rated Voltage 230 volts, 50 Hz, A.C.
Working Voltage Range 180-260 Volts
Power Rating 550 Watts +/- 10%
Current Rating 3 Amps max
UV Lamp Wattage 8 Watts
Rated Compressor Capacity 910 Kcal/hr+/- 5%
Water Cooling Capacity 40 LPH
Water Flow Rate 0.666 LPM
Water Pressure Min: 0.4 kg/cm3 Max: 2.0 kg/cm3
Weight 40 kg
Max. Temperature drop 165 degree C
Initial Load Time 5 minutes
Refrigerant R-12 (CCL2F2)
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