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Aquaguard 600 and 200
Features :
  • Naturally wholesome water – In the process of purification, Aquaguard ensures that the wholesome natural salts and minerals in water are retained without adding iodine or chemicals like other purifiers do.
  • Advanced 3-stage purification process -
    • The micro porous, heavy duty sediment filter candle made from polypropylene and silver impregnated activated carbon removes physical impurities present in water like dust, dirt etc.
    • The specially treated activated carbon removes free chlorine and all organic impurities, thus reducing unpleasant odours, tastes and colours.
    • Finally, the ultraviolet treatment effectively inactivates all known disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • International technology - The ultraviolet technology used by Aquaguard is internationally proven as a method of eliminating all known waterborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Power saving feature – Aquaguard has a built-in auto-off switch that turns off the purifier if water is not drawn for more than 10 minutes. This saves power and extends life of your Aquaguard water purifier.
  • High Volume Low Cost – Aquaguard 600 has a purification capacity of 600 litres per hour. Which means you get 50 glasses per minute at the cost of just 1 paise per litre. Whereas the new Aquaguard 200 is designed to provide 200 litres per hour.
  • Built-in voltage stabiliser – Aquaguard is built to withstand voltage fluctuations.
  • Built-in safety feature - Its Electronic Monitoring System uses a photo-resistor to monitor the purification process. It actually stops the flow of water if the purification is incomplete. This is a special feature no other purifier offers.
  • User friendly features – LED Panel with easy to read features, as well as directions for use are clearly printed on the unit for easy and convenient use.
  • Sleek design and tough body – The Aquaguard 600 is designed to occupy minimum space. It comprises two stainless steel chambers and a powder coated mild steel body that makes it tough, durable and easy to clean. Whereas, the new Aquaguard 200 is compact and can be wall mounted. It comprises an anodized aluminium rustproof body with a polycarbonate sediment filter to withstand rough handling. Making it tough, durable and easy to clean.
  • Water control sensor - This optional accessory is useful if your purifier needs to be connected to a cooler. This ensures that the purifier switches on automatically when the water level is low and switches off again when the required water level is reached. This saves power, reduces maintenance costs and eliminates the need for physical monitoring of the machine, as well as ensures that the water tank of your cooler is always full.
  • Unique flow of water - To ensure maximum contact time in the purification chamber, the water in the Aquaguard water purifiers flows against the force of gravity, unlike in ordinary water purifiers.
Specification AG 600 AG 200
Dimensions H x D x W 1270 x 330 x 425 mm 470 x 100 x 330 mm
Net Weight 33 kgs 6.5 kgs
UV Lamp 30 watts 20 watts
Water Flow Rate 600 ltr/hr 200 ltr/hr
Water Pressure Min 0.4 kg/ 0.4 kg/
Water Pressure Max 2.0 kg/ 2.0 kg/
Fuse 5 amps 2 amps
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